As a follower of Jesus Christ, it is my desire to be united with this church in membership. God has enabled me to repent of my sin and believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, I have confessed my faith and have been baptized as a true believer. Therefore, I covenant with the other members of this church to strive to keep and encourage others to keep the following practical expressions of our faith.

I will faithfully participate with this church in worship, prayer, study, fellowship, and the ordinances of baptism and communion, and will use my spiritual gifts for the common good. Through my involvement, and even sacrifice, I will seek to illustrate to a watching world the immense significance of life in the body of Christ.

In addition to the regular meetings of the church and in the spirit of a true disciple of Christ, I will diligently train myself and others to whom I have responsibility in the discipline and instruction of the Lord, seeking to develop Christian character, knowledge, and skills.
I will work toward doctrinal unity with a humble and teachable spirit. For this reason, I am willing to be taught according to the Statement of Faith; which this church believes to be an accurate summary of biblical truth. Where there is disagreement or a lack of understanding regarding doctrinal convictions, I assume the liberty to ask questions and engage in edifying discussion. I will reject all heretical beliefs and practices, using Scripture as the final authority.
I will accept and fellowship with all members, regardless of race, gender, background, social status, or level of education, since all are of equal value in Christ.

I will pursue peace with all people, especially with other believers, always being slow to take offense and eager to reconcile. I will shun gossip and divisive words, knowing that they are destructive to Christian fellowship.

I will seek to live a life that is above reproach. I will be just and honest in my dealings and faithful in my responsibilities and commitments. I will abide by the standards of sexual purity and ethical integrity as taught in the Bible.

I will seek the preservation of marriage which is between one man and one woman, knowing that God hates divorce, and I will submit to biblical regulations regarding divorce and remarriage.

I will watch over the other members in love as they watch over me. I will remember them in prayer, help them in sickness and distress, promote their spiritual growth, restrain them from sin, and stir them up to love and good deeds.

I will submit to the church’s discipline upon myself and lovingly assume my responsibility to participate in the discipline of other members, as taught in Scripture.

I will contribute cheerfully and regularly to this church for its general ministry and expenses, the relief of the poor, the cause of reformation and revival, and the spread of the Gospel throughout the world. I will dedicate myself, my money, and my possessions to the cause of Christ as a faithful steward, avoiding all forms of greed.

I will seek the salvation of my family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, acquaintances, and people of all nations.

I promise to remain faithful to this church in membership. I will consult with the pastor in advance if I sense that God is directing me elsewhere. If I must leave, I will unite with another true church.

In summary, I will strive to love the Lord my God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength, and love others as Christ loves me.

I will not allow my weaknesses and failures to deter me from my intention to abide by these Christian standards. I will pursue holiness through genuine repentance and persevering faith in the One to whom I owe all obedience for time and eternity, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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