A New Path Forward

Gospel Baptist Church, though a new church entirely, is built upon the remains of a much older church. Being that we are a church within the community of West Union, Ohio and being that we are located in Adams County many people are aware of the previous church which occupied our building. The previous church, West Union Southern Baptist Church, had been in the same location ours now occupies since its foundation.

In January of 2022 events occurred which made it necessary to consider a new path forward for the congregation and a new path towards engagement with the community. With a general consensus to rebuild a new church upon the foundation of the old, the remaining members began working toward building something new. Setting a path forward to rechange the name, the logo, the constitution, the bylaws, the statement of faith, and so forth became a major focus while remaining true to the biblical commands of Scripture. We can proudly say that, by the grace of God, we have accomplished those things and have “relaunched.”

Though there is still much work to do, we look forward to engaging more with the community as a whole. While we cannot speak to specifics as of yet, we can say that we are working to be supportive and engaged in local and global missions, involved with adoption and pregnancy resources, looking towards working with drug treatment facilities and much more. Our entire focus is on proclaiming Christ publicly while knowing him personally. As a church it is our desire to bring the truth of Scripture and the light of the Gospel to bear upon the brokenness of the lost world around us.

It is our prayer that you will join with us in proclaiming the wonderful message of the Gospel and as we worship our almighty God. We hope that the physical engagement we have with you through ministry and the virtual engagement we have through our website and media are a blessing and encouragement to you. As we move forward let our eyes be fixed upon who God is and upon bringing him glory.

-Elder/Pastor Randy Fryman

-Elder/Pastor Joshua Yeary

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